Another summer born baby girl and a perfect addition to a new family of 3. I had so much fun during this darling shoot! Last month, I met them at their family home in Marlow for their newborn session.  Baby S was but only 9 days old - so CUTE!! Her gorgeous dark hair and little button nose. She melted me! The entire shoot she was an angel. We started out with her individual photos and she was so calm and relaxed. Once we got to the family shots and she had the chance to snuggle with her mum and daddy, she drifted off to sleep. The most adorable thing happened while her she snuggled with her parents – as they lay there next to her laughing at a shared joke, her face brimmed with a beautiful smile as she lay sleeping. So so sweet!! Congrats B family!! Here are several favorites from our time together – Enjoy!

Love Jo x