So much fun had photographing this gorgeous family of 4, lots of laughter, plenty of smiles and even an adorable pup! I met Lucy, Jamie and their little ones at their family home in Mortimer for their family session. 

Eager to get started, the kids showed me around their house and their bedrooms. With grey skies outside, we made the most out of the window light in A's room, where I was also educated on the world of Marvel and DC comics - I am now definitely far more clued up about superheroes! From Ironman to dance championships, it was on to I's room and time for cuddles with Amber, the family Whippet. I love photographing kids in their rooms, it's always so nice when I get to share a little of who they are and for I - it was all things dance.

Kid's rooms visited and onto a little family time. This foursome clearly have a lot of fun together - teasing, joking and laughter filled the session. I definitely had to stop shooting more than a few times, when I was unable to control my own laughter! Especially, when the whipped cream appeared during a hot chocolate snack break - it is amazing how much cream can fit into one mouth!

I am so honoured I could capture a little slice of this wonderful family. Here are several favourites from our time together - Enjoy! 

Love Jo xxx


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