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In-home maternity | My new favourite thing.


In-home maternity | My new favourite thing.

In-Home Maternity - My new favourite thing

I have been shooting in-home maternity sessions for a while now and I always enjoy working with expectant mamas and families. However recently,  I have found a whole new level of love for this type of session. Before writing this post, I tried to unpick exactly what it is about pregnancy photography that makes it so special, and it turns out it's not just one thing, but three.

1) Mum-to-be

Nine months, well actually nearly ten (they forget to mention that bit) of carrying and growing awesome little lives, honestly it's remarkable when we come to think of it. For each and every one of us, those 9 months of pregnancy are their own journey of ups and downs. Yet, one thing is for certain, it's hard work, and man, mums do a great job! It is this, that encompasses a lot of my purpose in shooting maternity images. Showing the strength and beauty of pregnant women, the amazing glow in a mum, who is just weeks away from meeting that baby. Capturing the amazing way her body has changed to grow and protect her little bundle. As the third-trimester rolls to the finish, I know it can be hard to feel that 'glow', but in the hands of the right photographer your beauty, confidence, and all-around awesomeness will shine through, captured and remembered always,

2) The love in the waiting for baby

Now, I guess that subtitle is a little hard to comprehend, but it's there in every maternity session. The love may be coupled with excitement, anxiety, and nerves - but always love. The way a partner looks at that bump and the incredible woman carrying it. Their hand, as they reach to feel the wriggle and roll of an elbow, knee or foot. That smile as they help you to do something, you didn't need help with a few months ago. Yet, it's not just between partners, but also in the little eyes of siblings, waiting eagerly to become that big brother or sister. I am always taken by the power of the love in the waiting and how it shines so brightly through in a session.

3) The Pregnancy details and that bump

Oh bumps! There is something so incredibly awesome about a baby bump. Although a maternity photography session is about so much more, it's nice to take some time to focus on the details of that gorgeous bump. Yet rarely do I get just the bump, but in fact something so much more. Hands. Mum's hands, dad's hands, little sibling hands - they are all drawn to the little bundle waiting. Whether it's dad waiting for that reassuring kick or mum tickling a little pushy foot, these are the details that form your days waiting for your little one to arrive, these are the details that should be captured forever. Details that bring you back to that moment.

So I've listed three reasons why I love maternity photography, but really, the list is endless! And, with each new mum-to-be, I am even more humbled to have to opportunity to capture their special journey. 

If you want to capture a little of your maternity, get in touch and let's get you booked in.

Jo Shannon-Little of J S-Little Photography is is an award-winning maternity photographer in Reading, Berkshire, who focuses on capturing beautifully natural and emotive images inspired by the love and laughter of family and childhood. She is one of the very few photographers in Berkshire that blends her love of natural lifestyle photography with beautiful maternity portraits. Jo's unique in-home sessions allow you and your family to capture your wonderful memories in a place that is special to you - creating beautiful, meaningful and authentic images in the place so loved by you, your home. Jo is an in-home and on location maternity photographer, serving areas in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire and Surrey. For more information about Jo, check out her about me page. For pricing information, visit her pricing pageClick here to contact Jo directly. Thank you so much. x